Maths games for kids

Games for five-year-olds

  • Oscar’s Deep Sea Numbers is ideal for practising counting. With different levels for different abilities, kids can learn to count up to 100 with this friendly octopus.
  • Let Alien Alice help your kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in outer space.
  • Number Know How takes things further by introducing explanations of topics from decimals to ratios.

Games for six-year-olds

  • With Make A Million the pressure is on. There are ‘quiz show’ style games which ask players to complete maths puzzles against the clock.
  • For multiplication practice, Alien tables takes things into outer space. 
  • Games like Dosh gets children to solve money-related problems.
  • Number cruncher is great for revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with four increasingly difficult levels.

Games for seven-year-olds

  • Mathmobile mayhem is a popular choice: a car racing game which requires quick thinking and mental arithmetic.
  • Secret agent asks players to undertake a spy mission which requires plenty of problem solving.
  • Robot Chef gets kids working on their multiplication as they assist the robot chef in preparing meals.