Modern life is stressful. Pandemic has just added to that stress. In such a scenario, our beloved pets have turned out to be our saviours by keeping us sane through the lockdown. Whether it is watching your fish swim in the tank, stroking your cat or cuddling with your dog, pets help us melt our stress away.  

No one ever imagined that living indoors and limiting our social connection can affect our mental and physical health to such a large extent. However, pet owners have had their pet angels in dealing with this new normal, by being a constant and lowering their owner's stress levels.

Here are our top 5 titles dedicated to these adorable fur-balls who are the best sponge for picking up on our anxieties and stress. 

  1. Pets Magazine: Get a regular dose of pet love with this bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the human-animal bond. It delves deeper into the core, speaks to the mind and heart of true animal lovers.
  2.  For the Love of a Dog: After the death of her mother and the end of a post-divorce relationship that left her heartbroken, novelist Amanda Brookfield finds her once secure world imploding. As despair closes in, she talks of getting a puppy to revive her optimistic spirit.
  3. A Dog called Hope: An audiobook, A Dog called Hope is the incredible and uplifting story of a service dog who brought a devastated warrior back from the brink and taught him how to be a true father.
  4. Jessi-Cat: Lorcan was seven years old when his mother first heard him say, I love you. The words were not directed at her, but at Jessi-Cat, the family pet. Lorcan suffers from autism and selective mutism, rendering him unable to speak in certain situations. All this begins to change with the arrival of a kitten named Jessi-Cat.
  5.   Mr Dog and the Faraway Fox: A brand new young fiction series by TV broadcaster and intrepid explorer Ben Fogle, inspired by his real-life animal experiences and co-written by best-selling children's author Steve Cole. You can always count on Mr Dog to help an animal in trouble. When Mr Dog takes a trip into the town, he doesn't expect to stay for long. But then he meets a fox who needs his help – a fox who's very far from home.