#ShakespeareNoFilter: Bringing Shakespeare to your phone

The British Council is bringing the world of Shakespeare straight to your phone in an exciting campaign which sees three of Shakespeare’s most popular plays re-told through the lens of Instagram.

The #ShakespeareNoFilter digital campaign starts in August and will be your chance to see Shakespeare’s works re-imagined by a group of talented young performers from the UK. Audiences, wherever they are, will be able to connect with the works of one of the UK’s foremost cultural figures, experiencing first hand how his writing has transcended time. The campaign will allow more young people to become connected with Shakespeare, by bringing his plays to life in a creative, modern way that is relevant to them. The campaign forms part of Shakespeare Lives, a series of events and activities marking the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

#ShakespeareNoFilter begins in August when A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the first of 3 plays, will be performed online via Instagram. Follow @britishcouncileurope and watch the story of Lysander, Hermia, Puck, Demetrius and others in real-time online. There’ll be all the love triangles, friendship issues, jealousy and magic of the original, but you can also share posts with your friends and family, and comment on the activities of the characters from your phone, tablet or laptop. What’s more, you can catch up with all of the posts from #ShakespeareNoFilter on a dedicated section of the global Shakespeare Lives website at https://www.britishcouncil.in/programmes/arts/shakespeare-lives

Amelie, one of the performers who is playing the character of Hermia, said: "I love story telling and it's really exciting to be involved in such a new and inventive approach to Shakespeare. I've always found it fascinating how timeless the stories are and how easy it is to make the plays work in any setting.”

From Indie music in Hungary to a boardroom showdown in Germany, #ShakespeareNoFilter will be embedded in modern Europe. This will present the magic of Shakespeare to a whole new generation of young people who like to travel, to find out about other countries and cultures, and who will be inspired to find out more about the man whose writing remains popular four centuries on.

Rebecca Walton, Regional Director Europe at the British Council, said: “William Shakespeare is the ultimate storyteller. Our #ShakespeareNoFilter digital campaign gives the Instagram Generation a unique opportunity to connect with the genius of Shakespeare, in a way which is fresh and fun. We’re working with a really talented group of young people who are able to present a fresh and exciting approach to these classic tales. This is one of the many activities taking place across Europe to celebrate the works of Shakespeare – and a powerful example of how we are continuing to engage people through culture”