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1.The Malory Towers series

Set in a British boarding school and following the journey of our heroine, Darrell Rivers, the Malory Towers series are wonderful books to get your children hooked on reading. Full of friendship and adventures, these are some of Blyton’s best.

Read Third Year at Malory Towers

2.The Famous Five series

With the first in the series published in 1942, these have endured as some of the finest children’s books around. Following five friends who love adventures during the school holidays, each story is packed with action and new friends. 

Read The Famous Five Adventure Collection

3.The Magic Faraway Tree series

Full of fairies and magical lands, the Magic Faraway Tree books will have you swept up in a wonderful world of enchantment. When Jo, Bessie and Fanny go exploring, they never expected to find this!

Read The Magic Faraway Tree

4. The Naughtiest Girl in the School series

These books are a lot of fun: Elizabeth Allen is spoiled rotten and has to learn a few hard lessons when her parents send her to boarding school. Soon, though, she discovers her full potential and that being naughty doesn’t always pay off!

Read The Naughtiest Girl in the School

5. The Adventures of the Wishing Chair series

When Pete and Mollie go hunting for a present for their mother, the last thing they expected was to come across a chair that grants wishes! This series sees the siblings travelling to weird and wonderful places, making it a magical read for children.

Read the The Adventures of the Wishing Chair

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