Murder in Mesopotamia CC John Keogh

1. Murder on the Orient Express (1934) by Agatha Christie

Widely considered Agatha Christie's greatest mystery novel, Murder On the Orient Express is soon to be released as a feature film with an all-star cast including Johnny Depp and Judi Dench. Centring on the famed fictional detective, Hercule Poirot, who is faced with a troubling murder mystery aboard a train, this Christie at her finest.

2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd  (1926) by Agatha Christie

Poirot is certainly one of Agatha Christie’s most popular detective characters and many would argue that The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is her greatest work. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is one of Christie's earliest mystery novels, and one which launched her career and popularised the crime genre. 

The novel follows Poirot as he tries to solve a puzzling murder: when a widow suddenly commits suicide, rumours are rife; but when another body is found in a locked room occurs, things certainly get complicated.

3. And Then There Were None (1939) by Agatha Christie 

If you are looking for a chilling thriller, this one is for you. When ten guests arrive at a private island, invited by an eccentric millionaire, things soon get strange. When people start dying, and troubled pasts are revealed, the only question is: who is next? 

4. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920) by Agatha Christie

The story goes that The Mysterious Affair at Styles was the first novel Christie wrote as a dare set by her sister. It’s Christie’s plots and characters which make her work so enduringly popular and this novel is no exception. This is the first time we meet Poirot, a refugee from the Great War who is settling in England and soon finds himself having to solve a murder.

5. Death on the Nile (1937) by Agatha Christie

A luxury cruise on Egypt’s famous river, the Nile, to take in the pyramids takes a turn when a murder is uncovered. Poirot, of course, happens to be holidaying on that very same cruise, and so is tasked with solving the mystery. Full of serial killers, assumed identities and double-crossing, this is a fantastic page-turner.

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