Exciting, artistic and innovative; Fashion Film presents fashion design directly, expresses movement, expands ideas and allows the clothes to speak to audiences.

The increased access to digital has created a platform, a stage, a new catwalk to display clothes in a fabulous array of styles, as designers and film makers interact allowing a fuller interpretation of the feeling and flow of fashion to flourish.

Fashion Film was born in the UK as a way of expanding the visual impact of designs and increasing the audience for UK Fashion. As the medium grows so does the appreciation of these works of art, resulting in new and varied Fashion Film Festivals around the world.

SHOWstudio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion online.

Established in November 2000, SHOWstudio’s innovative and ground-breaking projects have defined the manner in which fashion is presented via the Internet. SHOWstudio has pioneered fashion film and is now recognised as the leading force behind this new medium, offering a unique platform to nurture and encourage fashion to engage with moving image, the favoured medium for the digital age.