FameLab – a Science Communication Competition

Science is part of almost every aspect of our lives. Although we rarely think about it, science makes extraordinary things possible. It tells us about the past, helps us with the present, and creates ways to improve our future.

Communicating science accessibly and attractively to lay audiences is an ever-growing priority for researchers worldwide. By doing so they not merely change the common stereotype of the scientist as 'the geek in the white lab coat busy doing strange things', but they also justify public funding for their research.

With over 27 countries taking part and over 1 million media views each year, Famelab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world. Contestants will be offered training and masterclasses, and the winner of FameLab India will travel to The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK to represent India at the FameLab International grand final!

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How to brush up your skills before the competition opens:

  1. Download our most-read science magazines – including the New Scientist, Science Illustrated, Sky at NightFocus and How it Works.
  2. Perfect your presentation skills with one of our online courses Effective Communication or Effective Presentation.
  3. Research best-sellers nominated by The Royal Society of Science: