Coming to a cinema near you: Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has been released in the UK and will premiere globally over the coming weeks, and the film’s release has already made headlines. 

Not only is it the British film that has made the most money this year, but two grandmothers were in the news after they were asked to leave a cinema because they laughed too much.  We revisit the cult series for those who want to know more.

Absolutely Fabulous (often just called ‘Ab Fab’) is a classic British comedy set in the world of fashion, magazines and public relations. It was created and written by Jennifer Saunders, who also starred in the show. First broadcast in the 1990s, Ab Fab still resonates with audiences today for its satirical take on trying to stay relevant.

Saunders plays the character of Edina Monsoon, a public relations agent who desperately wants to remain stylish. She is joined by Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone, a heavy-drinking magazine editor. They are supported by Monsoon’s daughter, Saffron, a student who finds her mother’s lifestyle exhausting.

Reviewers praised the series for its original characters and unique humour. Sam Wollaston, writing for the Guardian, described the dynamic between the lead roles as “beautiful”, while Sarah Crompton for the Daily Telegraph said that praised Joanna Lumley’s performance, calling it a “comic wonder”.

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