Learn how to code: 5 free websites to teach yourself

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is by far the most famous site for teaching yourself how to code. You can teach yourself anything from HTML and CSS to Python and Javascript, making it a great starting place for beginners.

Time: Courses can be completed in 3 to 5 dedicated hours

Best for: beginners

2. Hack.pledge()

Hack.pledge() is an online community , with many well know developers including the Founder of Codecademy, Ryan Bubinski. The by-line of the site “A community of developers helping each other master software craftsmanship” – by signing the pledge you can receive or give help with coding.

Time: pledge to master your craft and receive one hour help or register to mentor another for an hour.

Best for: learners who need specific guidance or want to give back

3. CodeAvengers

Divided into three tracks, Python, HTML and CCS, and JavaScript – Code Avengers breaks up courses with games to apply your newly acquired skills. Not entirely free, the site offers a free trial and some free courses.

Time: the intro to coding takes 6 hours with more in depth courses taking anything from 8 to 83 hours.

Best for: in depth learning

4. KHAN Academy

Offering videos and practice exercises, it is KHAN Academy’s mission to provide access to innovative maths education. A not-for-profit organisation, they offer a range of coding courses including their Hour of Code.

Time: learners are encouraged to go at their own pace Best for: parents and children learning together

5. Code School

Code School again offers in depth courses in JavaScript and HTML/CSS, alongside courses in Ruby and iOS. Learning resources are really accessible but challenges can be difficult for novices. There are free and paid for accounts that limit what you can access.

Time: depending on complexity, courses can take between 2 hours and 10 days

Best for: long term development and iOS

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