Aishwarya at Loughborough University

Aishwarya Pattabiraman is an alumni of Loughborough University. She is currently working as a content professional with HEPTA, a creative digital agency in Mumbai. Aishwarya secured this job through the UK-India Career Summit, Mumbai held in January 2016. She shares her experience of the summit and studying in the UK.

I am a 23-year-old content professional at HEPTA, Mumbai. My first encounter with the British Council team took place when I was 21 and willing to pursue my Masters’ degree from the UK. I registered with the Council as a student member to take the IELTS exam. Having a bachelor's degree in Mass Media with a specialisation in Journalism, I was someone who was willing to embark a profession in travel and lifestyle writing industry. The need for the same, hence.

Ever since my teenage, I was keen on going to the UK for further studies. The very dedicated and determined me has always been fascinated with the English culture and traditions. Having heard and read a lot about their lifestyles motivated me all the more. The idea behind choosing a UK university was to experience an education system that allows ample practical knowledge to back the theories taught. At master’s level, I had expectations to encounter cultural trade from people across the globe, in person. It was something I have always been curious and keen to learn about. The UK definitely was a blessing that lived up to levels beyond my expectation.
Post my year’s course with months of research on the travel writing industry, I’ve returned to work as a content professional. Ever since my return in Jan ‘16, I have had the opportunity to work for a reputed luxury travel brand and freelance for several lifestyle brands. Since March ‘16, I have been working with HEPTA, a creative digital agency based in Mumbai, as their content professional. Might I add, this was sole doing of the UK-India Career summit, conducted by the British Council. I was invited to the career summit, call it 'privileges' of being a student member of the British Council. I have always been game for summits and seminars, they, according to me are essential for career development. The summit was an excellent display of professionalism on the organisation front and pure beneficial on the networking and career enlightenment front. Am just glad I didn't miss it!

To reflect further, the kind of exposure experienced whilst my time in the UK has played a major role in shaping my career. I have been working since the first year of my under-graduation so, it is only fair that they share the credits too. All said and done, I sincerely recommend giving further studies from the UK a shot, worth every pound you shell. Long story short, Don't have second thoughts, just get up and go for it! It will all be absolutely worth it!