The students who won the GREAT scholarships, share their experience of studying in the UK.


"MBA was always on my agenda of career development, but the high cost of living in the UK and the fees was a bottle-neck. Thanks to the GREAT scholarship that enabled me to chase my dream. The Henley MBA program in the UK has been enriching, to say the least.  Living and studying alongside students from various spheres of life and culture provided a unique platform for some fascinating conversation and debate. It enabled me to sharpen people skills, social adaptability and cultural sensitivity. The highly experienced faculty had a different style of teaching, with a focus on class participation and reflection on learning. Staying at university campus was an incredible experience too. The vibrant campus provided every facility that an international student would dream of. Being able to complement my studies with incredible trips to castles and museums was a huge add-on.

I can say with pride that studying in the UK has been truly rewarding and one of my most memorable experiences so far. In a nutshell, one needs to be there in the UK to witness the scintillating and stimulating learning experience. And should financing be a barrier, then the GREAT scholarship is the solution." - Nitesh Agrawal


"I pursued my masters in MSc Economic Development in the year 2014-15, at the University of Glasgow. My international experience allowed me to meet aspiring students of different nationalities with social science backgrounds, which enhanced broadened my understanding of the subject. It gave me the confidence and skills to become a writer. I have since contributed to various online publications like The Diplomat, Global Voices. The GREAT scholarship has not only provided a strong platform of the network of students and scholars but also supported my aspirations." - Sakshi Rai


"I always had a deep fondness for studying in the UK. Not, just because it is a well-known foreign destination for higher education but also because the experience that it could offer lured me to study in the UK. Some of the things that made me choose the UK was the rich cultural heritage (I was more interested in the history of industrialization and development of capitalism), Highly regarded research from the academia, truly international experience that I could get even as the UK is a small Island nation but, attracted people from all over the world.

For me, studying in the UK was more like living through the past and modern day simultaneously. Living through the past because of the museums, castles and many of the medieval Europe’s links are still very much alive and on the other hand, cities like London are cruising towards the future with its high rising buildings and world class railways. London Underground has more than 150 years of history but caters very well to the hustle and bustle of a modern global city. This co-existence never ceased to mesmerise me.

On a personal note, my class consisted of people from Vietnam in the East to the USA in the west and I also had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Learning environment was completely new compared to India as students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas as well as to critique well-accepted theories. This opened a completely new world of opportunities for me and made me pursue research as a career. This study abroad opportunity left me with a bunch of close friends spread across the world, and the best part is we are still in contact with each other.

All of these experiences and joy come with a cost, in fact, a big financial cost. But, I can consider myself as very lucky and a blessed one in this case as I was awarded the prestigious GREAT Scholarship which covered almost 85% of my tuition fee. This scholarship is very important to me and stays close to my heart not since it provided me with the much needed financial access to the study abroad experience but also because it altered my career path. The scholarship liberated me from the worry of working full time to pay back the debt from the tuition fee. It made me follow my passion without any need to look back. Here I am back in India working for a PhD without worrying about the full-time job that pays my bills. I am always indebted to the GREAT scholarship in helping me in realising my passion." - Sandeep


"I attended the University of Edinburgh to study MSc by research in Biomedical Sciences in 2014-15. I have always held high respect for the academic system in the UK and the MSc experience augmented it. From administrative organisation of the university to the cleverly designed coursework, everything adds immense value to the overall student experience. The best part was the hospitality of the University and the UK, as a whole. The city's atmosphere was cordial and relaxed with no sense of inferiority or insecurity. Edinburgh embraces an excellent international culture and people are quite considerate and differential to other nationals. Besides the rich academia and great teaching standards, UK universities offer a plethora of opportunities to all international students. To mention a few, networking events, career fairs and workshops to boost creativity, presentation and communication skills were active parts of the teaching program. Furthermore, one experiences international standards of research with cutting edge technology and rigorous working protocols.

 UK universities also offer numerous scholarships for meritorious students. I was fortunate to receive the GREAT scholarship and Scotland Saltire Scholarship. It was a big boost to my education dreams. It not only came as a warm welcome from the UK but also served as an inspiration for me to perform my best and gain valuable experiences. Not to mention, the scholarship has given me a sense of pride and I feel honoured that I am counted among the GREAT Scholars. This status further strengthens my bond with the British Council in India, gives me a chance to become an active member and attend various events organised by them. Hence, the scholarship has made a huge impact on my study abroad and added a great value to my C.V. as well." - Vandana Yadav


"The experience of studying in the UK was one that cannot be described in words. It was a learning experience which was not restricted only to academics. I went for MSc in computer science. The academics were world class at the University of Edinburgh, as I expected while applying for it. When you decide to study abroad, you expect a culture shock. But being there was such a fun experience. Interacting with people from different cultures was the best part.  The people in Scotland are wonderful. Thanks to being in the UK, I got to travel around. It left me mesmerised. It definitely gave me a lot of exposure, and thanks to that I am currently working with a highly-reputed company back in India. The pressures I faced during that time have only made me stronger. I can’t be less proud of myself for dealing with those.

Even though I got my scholarship only after a month of joining the university, the GREAT scholarship, along with another scholarship that I received, did really ease some financial pressure. Not only that, earning a scholarship has also put me in a different light. In a positive way, of course. I am grateful and I feel lucky that I was awarded the GREAT scholarship." - Yashita Nagdev