Consultation Meeting

Society envisions social enterprise sector to be recognized and embedded at the policy level by engaging stakeholders from government. The UK plays a leading role in developing a social economy, especially at policy level. There are an estimated 360,000 social enterprises (including trading charities) in the UK, employing 2.3 million people, generating over £120bn turnover each year, which makes up a fifth of UK businesses.

Our objective is to deliver UK leadership and expertise for creating an enabling environment for social enterprises to succeed and recommend legal policies to state as well as national governments and policy influencers.

As part of the Government engagement and policy strand of Social Enterprise programme, British Council commissioned research on ‘India Social Enterprise Sector Policy Engagement’.   A consortium of 3 institutions: Overseas Development Institute (UK), Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI, Ahmedabad), carried out extensive research and have prepared a report.