Believe it or not, it’s time to start planning your shopping for this festive season. Time flies and Diwali is just around the corner and Christmas isn’t far away. This year especially, we all need to embrace the opportunity to make our loved ones feel truly special and gift them something that will show our love and appreciation for them.

Finding the perfect gift can seem like a colossal task. You want to find a gift that’s thoughtful and affordable. You want to delve into something that’s not mundane either – things that are boring, run-of-the-mill, or more likely to be regifted to others.

To help you explore some unique gifting ideas, check out our recommendations that we think will put a smile on faces and illuminate their learning experience this festive season.

1. Reading for Life Online – For the little readers in your family, gift them a three-week reading adventure, Reading for Life. The programme will encourage the participating children to read three or more books in three weeks from a collection of story books, digital audio books, comics and graphic novels curated by the British Council. The British Council will also organise multiple workshops for participants to help them improve reading and speaking skills and acquire 21st century life-skills. 

The next batch of Reading for Life, open to children from the age group of 7 to 14 years, begins on 14 November. Click here to know more and gift this amazing programme to a child.

2. Creative Writing course for kids - For the young writers in your family, gift them a fun-filled Creative Writing course that explores a wide range of writing forms and techniques and bolsters their foundation as a budding writer. Look out for a course that contains exciting lessons on blog writing, journalism stories, poetry writing, short stories and creating characters. The chosen course would help kids gain insights into how to make their writing stand out for their friends, teachers and family to read and applaud. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with the creative writing journey of the little ones in your family, we recommend that you click here to check out the details of the six-week online course offered by the British Council.

3. Digital library subscription – For those who love to indulge in books, music and movies, gifting an annual subscription of the British Council Digital Library is sure to be admired by the recipient. The online library subscription provides access to:

  • newspapers and magazines like The Guardian, New Scientist, The Economist, Vogue, Time, National Geographic, MIT Sloan Management Review and Harper's Bazaar
  • bestselling graphic novels
  • novels and books by award-winning authors
  • thousands of e-books and research publications covering a plethora of subjects
  • peer-reviewed journal articles from over 10,000 popular publications line Nature, British Journal of Medicine, Lancet and others
  • video tutorials on personal development and soft skills
  • over 7,000 high-quality shorts, award-winning feature films, documentaries which have been screened in major film festivals including Sundance and Cannes
  • theatre productions, live performances and full-length musical concerts.

Click here to know more and gift an annual Digital Library subscription to the one you love.

4. Unlock a child’s future with an English course – Starting the journey to find an effective English language course isn’t so simple because of the myriad online courses. You need to do your due diligence to ensure that the course uses high-quality tools and experienced teachers. British Council offers a variety of online courses for children and adults and have taught over 15,000 students since April 2020. There are courses for Early Years (5-7 years), Primary Plus (7-10 years), and Secondary Plus (11-17 years). 

The young learner courses focus on developing 21st century skills and improving fluency in English to give kids and teenagers the confidence to interact with others. The courses range from 12-week to 48-week learning plans designed to help them develop essential life skills such as leadership, working together, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. The online classes are designed to be interactive, lively, fun and challenging; similar to how the British Council classroom experiences are. Click here to know more.

To know more about the various gifting options listed above, please call + 91 9830068181, Monday to Saturday, 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.