Prepare for the IELTS test, receive professional guidance and achieve the best scores! IELTS Test Ready Starter+ is the British Council’s new online test preparation course priced at INR 2360.


  • successfully prepare for the IELTS test across the four skill areas - reading, listening, writing and speaking*
  • master practical and useful tips and guide you on developing exam skills, explanations of assessment criteria 
  • gain confidence and achieve greater success in the IELTS exam. 


  • Prepare on the go: Learn at your convenience from your office or the comfort of your home.
  • Practice makes perfect:  Receive practice in all questions types. 
  • Suitable for all IELTS test takers: It is suitable for IELTS test takers (Academic and General Test) at Intermediate level (up to band score 5).


  • be able to understand and identify different question types
  • have practiced all the question types in all four papers
  • have a better awareness and understanding of assessment criteria
  • have an practised listening to various international accents
  • know tips and techniques for taking the IELTS exam
  • get a self-printable certificate of completion.

* For writing and speaking, the focus is on exam practice, exam skills and assessment criteria. Feedback on spoken or written production is not provided. Model answers for the writing section are provided.

FREquently asked questions

1. Is it suitable for both Academic and General test takers? 
Yes, IELTS Test Ready Starter + is suitable for all IELTS test takers (Academic and General Test).

2. How long is each course? 
IELTS Test Ready Starter + is thirty hours long. You can expect to spend the following number of hours on each section (approximately):

Reading - 7.5 hours
Listening - 7.5 hours
Writing - 10 hours
Speaking - 5 hours

You will have 12 weeks to finish this course.

3. How will I know which level of course? 
It is suitable for all IELTS test takers (Academic and General Test) at intermediate level (up to band score 5).

4. How much computer knowledge do I need to do this course? 
It is an online course and you need to have access to internet and laptop/PC/tablet to access this. Basic computer handling skills should be fine.

5. What are the technical requirements?  
IELTS Test Ready Starter + is optimised for access on PCs and tablets. Recommended screen size for tablets is approximately 10 inches or 7 inch retina displays. A pair of headphones with mic would also be useful.

6. Is there a textbook? Do I have to purchase course materials?  
No.  IELTS Test Ready Starter + contains online interactive content.

7. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?   
A self-printable certificate of completion is unlocked after completing the course.

8. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?    
Email us at