To round off National Short Story week, we bring you some of the best short stories of all time: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Of his 56 short stories, we pick our top five, let us know yours!

The Adventure of Silver Blaze

A price race horse has gone missing and its trainer has been murdered. Using his great powers of deduction, Sherlock Holmes locates the horse, but discovers there are many more troubling details to this mystery. Unravelling a tangled conspiracy, between race fixing and love affairs, Holmes finally manages to expose the true villains in this tale.

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The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans

It’s a matter of national security in The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans. Top secret papers, which could reveal how to build a Bruce-Partington submarine to one of Britain’s enemy, are discovered in the possession of a dead man. Holmes is called to the scene and must act quickly to find the murder and find the source of the leak. 

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The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot

Never a dull moment for our hero, Sherlock Holmes, even his holidays get interrupted when there’s a mystery to solve. Holmes and Dr Watson are in Cornwall when it comes to light that a woman has died from seeing something ghastly at the window, and her two brothers have gone mad to boot. When Holmes gets to the truth of the tragedy, he discovers the real killer and the heartbreak that belies the murder.

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The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb

You can’t win ‘em all, as the saying goes. The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb is one of the few instances where our hero fails to bring the villains to justice, though he does, of course, solve the mystery. When a young engineer turns up at Watson’s office minus a thumb, Watson uncovers a conspiracy involving counterfeit money and a cleaver-wielding king pin.

The Red-Headed League

Even Arthur Conan Doyle picked out The Red-Headed League as one of his favourite Sherlock stories. This unusual mystery sees Jabez Wilson, a pawnbroker with hair the colour of flames, enlist Watson and Holmes’ help in getting to the bottom of The Red-Headed League. Holmes only needs a couple of days to discover the League’s dastardly ulterior motive in hiring Wilson and stop them in their tracks. 

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