It’s 2018 and high time we did away with expectations of people based on their gender. We need to stop putting people in boxes and realise all of us have potential.

That’s why we bring you five inspiring people who are breaking the mould and showing us all the way.

Mithali Raj - captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team

For years, cricket has been thought of a gentleman’s game, but that is certainly not the case any more. There are legions of female cricketers making a huge mark in the sport, starting with the indomitable Mithali Raj. You only need to look at Mithali’s Twitter handle to know she is a true boss. It reads: “I dream. I work hard. I grind, until I own it.”

Mithali is widely considered one of the most skilled batswomen to have ever played. She is also the highest run scorer in women’s international cricket. Mithali is so inspiring that after the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup the rights were bought to make a feature film on her life. We can’t wait to see it!

Wayne McGregor - choreographer and dancer

Wayne McGregor CBE is a groundbreaking choreographer from Stockport, UK. He is widely recognised in the UK and beyond for his outstanding achievements in dance. McGregor has his own dance company with a study space in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as well as being Resident Choreographer at The Royal Ballet.

You may have heard of Wayne thanks to the Mix The Body project he took part in with the British Council. While many see dance as being ‘feminine’, Wayne shows that anybody can express themselves through movement and excel.

Dilan Chauhan - student midwife

In the UK men are allowed to train as midwives, but precious few do so (0.4% of midwives in the UK are men to be exact!. However, young midwife-in-training Dilan Chauhan was recently profiled by the BBC for being a member of this minority.

A former rugby player, Dilan is not your typical midwife, but nonetheless he is brilliant at his work.

Described by his patients as ‘warm’, Dilan is proof that skills is far more important than gender in this profession. Read more about Dilan in the BBC magazine

Kimberley Abbott - social entrepreneur and mechanical engineer

She is only 25 years old, but Kimberley is making huge waves with her work in a male-dominated field.

Sadly fewer women take up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects than men around the world. Abbott bucks this trend.

Abbott is an engineer with Thales UK working on innovation project on future cities. She balances this work with representing Australia at the United Nations, as well as a handful of other projects. Abbot founded the social enterprise, Roka which works in India to break the cycle of poverty using education, as well as SheBuild and GenBuild which use economic empowerment of young people to change the world.

Kimberley is not only breaking gender stereotypes but doing a trojan amount of work by anyone’s standards, making her a huge inspiration!

Dame Inga Beale - CEO

The City of London is a traditionally male-dominated area, home to the Bank of England and many related financial services.

Inga Beale has been a changemaker in this area since she started her career in the 1980s. Inga is now the CEO of Lloyds of London, the first female CEO in 328 years of the insurance market formally existing. Inga is an authority on insurance and economics, while also being excellent at rugby, where she nearly made it to international level. Inga is a businesswomen who is known for being as friendly as she is effective: a great inspiration to young women hoping to do the same.


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