Take IELTS with the British Council and get the help you need

When you book your IELTS test, you want to be focused on achieving the result you need to get where you want to go.

That’s why when you book IELTS with the British Council, we ensure your booking process is as easy as possible, while also providing you with the support you need on your way to test day.

Our objective is to give a positive and unbiased examination experience to all test takers. Take the IELTS test with us to improve your work prospects and enhance your chances of education abroad. Also, being the world’s English experts, we provide IELTS preparation resources to help you get the score you need.

Access to exclusive preparation materials and additional benefits when you book IELTS with the British Council

  • High-quality preparation resources support: Access free practice tests online containing sample tests for IELTS Academic and General Training.
  • More choice: Take the test on paper or computer.
  • Convenient dates and locations: We have 60+ test locations across India.
  • Carefully selected venues: All of our 850 official British: Council IELTS test centres have the modern facilities you’d expect and are conveniently located.
  • Professional and friendly staff: Highly trained and experienced staff to ensure that your test day runs smoothly.
  • Five Test Report Forms (TRF) free: Get five additional copies of your Test Report Form sent free directly to institutions.
  • Hassle-free registration process: Booking the test is easy with the online registration process.

Free IELTS preparation resources:

Customised IELTS Preparation resources: Get free access to the customised learning resources and practice online to achieve your desired band score.

Free IELTS preparation webinars: Our IELTS webinars cover a wide range of topics across all four IELTS skills.

Free IELTS mobile apps: The easy-to-use IELTS Prep App gives you instant access to IELTS study material.

Explore all the free preparation resources

Paid IELTS preparation resources support:

IELTS SpeakREADY Mock Test: A 30-minute online mock speaking test with an IELTS assessment expert.

Road to IELTS: An online course with downloadable practice tests, interactive activities, and handy tips and tricks.

IELTS Coach: IELTS Coach helps you prepare for the speaking, listening, reading and writing modules of the IELTS test.

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