Take My Word: Quiz on English words and phrases

Saturday, 2 July 2016 Pune

About the Quiz

Take My Word ‘ is a fun-filled quiz about the English language played between two teams but with ample opportunity for audience participation. The questions are about the meaning, origins and usage of English words and phrases. It will appeal to ages from 10 +, especially to those who love trying to figure out the English language. If you like to explore the meaning, origin and usage of English words and phrases , then this quiz is for you.

Date: 2July 2016

Time: 17:30 hours to 18:30 hours

Age Group: 10 years and above

Venue: British Council Pune

The quiz will be hosted by Chetan Shetty. He is an active member of Pune's storytelling groups and sings with the Chamber Singers choir. In his day job, he is the Chief Operating Officer at Extentia Information Technology.  The best thing about the quiz is that no one really cares about winning. Teams are encouraged to think aloud and involve the audience in their search for the answer. Finally all the questions are about the English language e.g. Where did this expression originate from; what is the difference between this word and that word; which is the odd word in this list, etc.  All in all the idea is to have fun with the language. The questions are tough but all the answers are words that are in everyday usage.

Registration: The event is free and open to members and non-members. Prior registration is required  

To register please write to savitry.iyer@in.britishcouncil.org or call us at 020 4100 5317 / 4100 5311