Friday, 12 October 2018 - 6:00pm to Friday, 26 October 2018 - 7:00pm

 British Council Pune presents 2 Science Talks in association with IISER Pune. Join us to get inspired by the Simply Science Series talks.

12 October, 6.00 -7.00 pm, Anirban Hazara discusses "What's behind every change that happens in nature?" in the third talk of the series.  

Nature is never static. We experience transformations and changes all the time around us and within us. We see that objects on the earth that heat up when the sun shines, and cool down at night. Plants and animals grow and die. Dead plants and animals burn to release heat and other substances, which return to the environment and are used again by plants and animals to continue the cycle of life. In this talk, we will explore the question posed in the title about nature and change. We will see that behind every change in nature, there is a spectacular common driving force!

 26 October, 6.00 -7.00 pm, "Why do zebras have stripes?". Dr Suthirth Dey presents the fourth talk in the series. 

This seemingly simple question has sparked decades of pain-staking work by Ecologists and Evolutionary biologists. And what have we learned? In this interactive talk, Dr Dey will take the audience through about five decades of experiments and theorizing on this topic. We will  look at the process of hypothesis formulation and experimental design: two of the key components of the scientific process. Dr Sutirth will refer 2 books by British authors in his discussion-Zebra Stripes by Tim Caro, Living in Groups by Jens Krause and Graeme Ruxton and will also also refer to two papers.

The speakers are faculty at IISER, Pune. 

Entry is free. Open to All. 

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