Saturday’s story time
Storytelling performance
Saturday, 17 March 2018 -
5:00pm to 7:00pm

About the Event

Have a fun filled family weekend at the British Council Library as Deeptha Vivekanand a professional storyteller, trainer and educator will take you to a world of imagination through her art of storytelling. The storytelling performance will be full of energy, involving the audience through action, role play and songs.

Jambo! Just back from a trip to Kenya & Tanzania, Deeptha Vivekanand's head is bursting with stories from the African continent and she can't wait to let them out. Join her as she tells, sings and drums out tales about the bush and the many animals that live in them.

Come, join the fun!!

How to register 

Please note that there is no fees for joining this storytelling session. To register, please send an email to Christina Singh at or call on 0172-5203022 or 5203015. Prior registration is required, so please register by email or telephone by Tuesday, 13 February 2018.