Sunday, 22 April 2018 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm

British Council  in association with  Indian Ensemble  invites you to Reading Room, a dramatic reading of letters.

Exploring Exciting Texts brings the 'Reading Room', a dramatic reading of  letters collected by Anuja Ghosalkar, from the various Reading Rooms hosted across India. 

Readers: Abubakar Siddiq, Aparna Nori, Chanakya Vyas,S. Sahu, Sanhita Kar, Sarah Vattappilly, Sulekha Patankar

*The readers are a mix of actors and non-actors. 


Event is free and open for all.

Anuja Ghosalkar is a Bangalore based theatre maker. Drama Queen, her Documentary theatre company, a first of its kind in India, focusses on personal histories & archives to extend the idea of theatre to create audacious work.Drama Queen’s debut show, Lady Anandi was written while she was an artist-in-residence at Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden. In the past, Anuja has worked at India Foundation for the Arts, Experimenta, in curating and teaching cinema, & as an independent researcher with University of Westminster. As Sarai fellow she documented the oral narratives of her grandfather, the oldest living make-up artist in India. As artist-in-residence at Srishti Institute of Art Design & Technology (December 2017) she conceived a site specific, performance at Cubbon Park Metro Station project called Dream Walkers. She is an Art Think South Asia Fellow (2017-18).

Discussion Theme: An evening where we read fragments of people’s lives expressed through their letters. Private moments now shared in a public space.  Can reading a personal letter in the presence of an audience be performative? How does the interplay between real letters and fictitious responses to them add to the element of the dramatic? 

About the Program: This is the ninth in a series of 12 Rehearsed Readings curated by Indian Ensemble Studio in an attempt to provide a space for people to engage with discussions on themes that are drawn from powerful and exciting texts  -  plays, essays, letters, poems - classical as well as contemporary. The texts are chosen from a compilation of reading lists provided by friends and theatre veterans. Post reading discussion is an attempt to broaden the understanding of the forces and questions that drive any work of art- which range from personal, social, political , philosophical and sometimes just an experience. The idea is to be able to create a space where thoughts, experiences and anxieties are shared in order to understand things around us from different perspectives, while we agree to disagree.

About Indian Ensemble: Indian Ensemble is a reputed and acclaimed multi-lingual theatre company based out of Bangalore that produces and supports theatre work which is fundamentally Indian in its context.  The company was founded in 2009 by Abhishek Majumdar and Sandeep Shikhar and Chanakya Vyas is currently the Artistic Director of the company.

We function actively as a laboratory for research and training in various processes of Theatre and performance while continuing to create and run productions throughout the year. The company’s continued focus is on original texts which are then researched and devised with a team of artists. We work with professional actors, directors, playwrights, designers, sound artists and technicians from across the country.


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