Saturday, 5 November 2022 - 12:00am to Saturday, 17 December 2022 - 6:00pm

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Turn your kids into voracious readers with the Reading Challenge!

British Council in collaboration with the Reading Agency brings you the Reading Challenge - an exciting reading adventure for children aged 5-12 years to encourage them to read for pleasure, improve their English, and become confident readers.

The theme of the challenge is Gadgeteers, created in partnership with Science Museum Group and illustrated by top children’s writer and illustrator Julian Beresford.  Participating kids must read a minimum of 6 books in 6 weeks from our collection of new, hand-picked books issued on a returnable basis. Each Reading Challenge participant will:

  • receive a Gadgeteers welcome kit
  • attend specially curated workshops on reading, writing and speaking
  • collect stickers and rewards for their reading achievements
  •  receive a certificate and medal on completing the challenge.

What's more? A range of activities and fun workshops to enhance your child's creativity, imagination, and instil a lifelong love of reading!

Name of the workshop Date

Independent thinkers - In this workshop, children will learn specific skills and strategies about Reading. They will learn important lessons in all areas of reading – from book choice to building reading stamina and decoding skills to comprehension.

20 November 2022
Incantation of the Magical world -Explore the world of magic realism and world of dragons, through this stunningly imagined fate fighting epic series “The Nightsilver Promise” by Annaliese Avery. A book full of imagination and promising adventures which will leave the children longing for more, will prick their imagination and take them on an adventure ride.  27 November 2022
Spontaneous speakers - This workshop aims to help children become confident speakers in public and also encourages them to speak up. They will learn and practice research backed techniques that will help them speak with clarity and confidence. 4 December 2022

Detailed scheduled of the workshop is attached in the documents at the end of the page.

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