Saturday, 15 September 2018 -
10:30am to 12:30pm


Personality conflicts, interpersonal friction, bad attitudes ... normal, everyday, run-of-the mill negativity with which just about every manager must contend. But for such a prevalent problem, many managers are not equipped with the solutions to handle or avoid negativity that may seep into their departments. A negative attitude that starts with just one employee can easily infect a department, even an entire company, if not reined in quickly.

This workshop encourages managers to recognize the signs and symptoms of widespread negativity that spells gloom and doom and turn a negative attitude around using certain strategies and techniques that help to create a more positive, efficient and productive workplace.

  • Discussion and responding to a case studies that highlight overcoming negativity at the workplace in practice.
  • Reflecting and sharing experiences in learning the life skills.
  • Pair work and group discussions


For members: INR 500.00

For Non-members: INR 1200.00


For further information and to register please write to or call at +91(0)33 40074341

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