Multilingual classrooms:opportunities and challenges for English medium instruction in low and middle income contexts
Thursday, 12 July 2018 -
6:00pm to 8:30pm

This event marks the India launch of a research report on ‘Multilingual classrooms: opportunities and challenges for English medium instruction in low and middle-income contexts.'

This report outlines research undertaken in India and Ghana by the British Council, The Open University and Education Development Trust.

The study considers the complex field of English Medium Instruction (EMI), offering case studies of Ghana and Bihar, India. Its purpose is to provide insight and support to those responsible for setting policy or enacting it in complex language environments around the world.

The findings within the two contexts provide valuable lessons that will help policy makers, educators, teacher trainers and schools to navigate the complexities of multilingual EMI environments.

This report launch is part of a larger two-day event focusing on issues relating to multilingual education. For more information about the full event, please see here.

The schedule of the evening report launch is outlined below:





Arrivals and registration


Welcome speech


Brief remarks on language policy in India


Overview of research findings


Questions and answers


Launch of report

This event is followed by a networking reception.