Sunday, 26 August 2018 -
10:30am to 1:30pm

Grab the opportunity to rediscover all time favorite children's classics!

A book club for young learners is being organised to explore some of the most popular classics of all times. Each session is designed to focus on one classic novel in which the facilitators will take children on a journey to discover the main characters, plot and the storyline with theatrical readings, storytelling, audio visual aids, art and craft as well as exciting games and quizzes. Children are not expected to have read or be familiar with the classics before attending these sessions. 

This month we focus on the ever-popular novel by Daniel Defoe – “Robinson Crusoe”. The book is presented as an autobiography of the title character - a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical desert island near Trinidad, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers, before ultimately being rescued.

Age Group: 10 – 14 years

Fee:INR 500 per child

Members please click here to register, Non-members please click here to register (for online registration). 

About the Facilitators:

Nirmala Govindarajan is the author of The Community Catalyst, a novel inspired by the life experiences of a civil servant. She worked as a full-time journalist with leading publications till she quit in 2013 to further involve herself in writing books and documenting for the social sector. Presently a social sector documentarian and freelance journalist who writes for leading publications on literature, art and culture, Nirmala dabbles in theatre and western piano/violin as well. She has been involved in literary activities, has curated and co-directed the debut Times of India Literary Carnival, Bangalore in January 2014.  Her co-facilitator, Christina Daniels, is a writer, photographer, poet and communications specialist. She writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her books include I'll Do It My Way: The Incredible Journey of Aamir Khan and Ginger Soda Lemon Pop. She has co-authored Mind Blogs 1.0. She is currently Senior Director at Gutenberg, where she heads the organisation’s content practice.

Write to Purnima Krishna at for queries.

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