Saturday, 9 December 2017 -
4:00pm to 6:00pm

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are at the heart of our cultural relations work. They contribute to the friendly knowledge and understanding that we strive for between the UK and India. Our aspiration is to mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion into everything that we do.

On the occasion British Council is screening the Flare Films, short films from the UK that were shown at the BFI Flare, London’s LGBT Film Festival. It will be followed by a panel discussion on gender violence and the rights of women. 

The films are:

  • I Am A Woman - A cine-poem that explores ‘stud’ identity with breakdancer and spoken word artist Azara Meghie, who uses rap and breakdance as a means of exploring her heritage (from Jamaica to South London) and self as an LGBTQI woman
  • Take Your Partners - An eight year old ‘tomboy’ challenges gender expectations when forced to make an Easter bonnet with the girls. Then, when confronted with a family with two mums, she begins to question traditional family dynamics. Bravely subverting convention, her vivid imagination and resourcefulness leads her on a journey of discovery around her neighbourhood that will have radical and far reaching effects.
  • Where We Are Now - A young woman and her transgender parent looking back on their changing relationship. Sharing their own experiences of coming out, they begin to think about what the future might hold for their family now the decision to transition has been made.

 For further information please write to Susan Chettri at or call at 0120 4569000/6684353.