Sunday, 20 January 2019 -
10:30am to 4:30pm

British Council, Bengaluru, in association with Karnataka State Bridge Association is organizing a fun filled workshop for children and parents called


It is a 6-hour workshop introducing the mind sport called Bridge to children and their parents. Registrations will be taken for pairs only (one child accompanied by one parent). 

Age: 10 – 15 years
Fee: Rs. 500 per pair (one child and one parent)

Programme details:

  • Puzzle solving in general, some types of puzzles, the Bridge game - basics, graded puzzle solving session, summary by the coordinator
  • How we learn? How does our mind solve puzzles? Some more Bridge puzzles. Mini-Bridge – simple rules, Mini-Bridge puzzles, summary by the coordinator

BRIDGE – Duplicate Bridge an indoor mind-sport is a part of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) along with Chess and similar sports. All mind-sports are skill and memory based non-gambling games. Working professionals recognize BRIDGE as a game that keeps their analytical, logical, out of box problem solving abilities sharp while exercising memory. Playing Bridge from a young age improves academic1 performance as demonstrated by studies conducted in UK schools2 and others. Schools are also increasingly adopting alternate Math training methods3 with Bridge as a tool.  As one of the most popular social games in Britain, USA and other European nations, playing Bridge has also been proven to slow down onset of age-related mental illnesses and improve immune system health. Bridge is played with a pack of cards. Bridge and Chess are the ONLY two mind-sports included in the list of sports at the Asian Games to be held at Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, in 2018. 

Karnataka State Bridge Association (KSBA) – KSBA is a non-profit sports body affiliated to the Sports Authority of Karnataka and is the apex body for administration of the game of Bridge within Karnataka. KSBA membership has a wide spectrum of intelligentsia from Bangalore and Karnataka including scientists, doctors, software professionals, professors, teachers, bankers, armed forces personnel, IAS, IPS, administrative officers from I Tax, Electricity boards, Telephone companies, homemakers, industrialists, businessmen among others. To know more about KSBA please visit  

1.Study by ACBL: 
2.Study St Paul’s school, Manchester: 
3.School reports – two schools in Virginia, USA and 
4.Study Dr Marian C Diamond, Berkeley

Please write to us in case of any queries.

Members please click here to register, Non-members please click here to register (for online registration).

Registrations will be confirmed only on payment of fees. Registration fee is non-refundable.

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