Workshop: The art of debate

Saturday, 23 July 2016 Chennai

If your child has a talent for arguing that black is white, you might assume that he will be naturally skilled in the art of debating. But a good debate is more than just an argument; it’s the ability to see one statement or idea from various perspectives, through critical thinking, critical listening and critical speaking.

We are organising a workshop for children to gain confidence, develop key skills and enhance awareness of the world around us.

Venue: British Council, 737 Anna Salai, Chennai

Date: Saturday, 23 July 2016


5 to 8 years: 10:00 to 12:00 hours - Registrations closed for this age group only

9 to 15 years: 12:30 to 14:30 hours


  • It will raise the children’s confidence and self-esteem to speak up and develop core debating skills.
  • Participants will know how to structure their speaking, and when to say the things they want to say
  • It will develop their listening skills, and will be able to use what they heard to develop a well-reasoned response
  • They will learn to speak with the right pace, tone, language and body language to engage an audience. And most importantly, they will have fun! 


  • Participants will be put together in small groups to craft their arguments 
  • It will cover the skills such as public speaking and creative thinking 
  • Role plays that develop their interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, assertiveness, and listening to peers.

Workshop fee: INR 350 (Platinum & Corporate membership)

                          INR 500 (other membership categories)

                          INR 800 (non-members)

Registration can be confirmed only after the payment. Payment to be done at the customer service desk in person at least one day before the workshop.

Seats limited to 25 participants. Early applicants will receive priority. 

For more details please contact Susan Chettri at 8939831721 or email