UK’s Annual Skills Show and Study Tour, Birmingham

Study Tour - Improving Employer and Learner Engagement in Vocational Education

The British Council is conducting a study tour to the Skills Show, the UK’s largest skills and careers advice event, from15-17 November 2016 in Birmingham, UK. The study tour will take you behind the scenes of the Skills Show to meet the organisers, employers and students to get a better understanding of how participation in the WorldSkills competition can be leveraged to improve both employer and learner engagement. 

This study tour will also introduce delegates to the main components of the UK Skills system and will seek to address key issues such as quality assurance, apprenticeships and inclusion. There will be a visit to the Skills Show on 17th Nov, and employer and college visits on the 16th Nov. (A summary report of the study tour is available in the download section below)

The Event will feature:

  •  Employer visits
  • Seminar with expert speakers
  • Interactive workshops
  • College visits
  • Visit to the Skills Show, the UK’s largest skills event
  • Networking with College staff
  • Dinner with UK stakeholder 

Key takeaways:

  •  Ideas and lessons learned from the Skills Show to help establish similar events in India
  • Insight into the relationship between Colleges, Employers, Apprenticeships and World Skills
  • Opportunities to build networks with UK training organisations

Report launch - Overview of India's Evolving Skill Development Landscape

The Skills Seminar on 17th November at NEC launched a new report - Overview of India's Evolving Skill Development Landscape - that looks at the opportunities (and challenges) these two distinct and large markets in India offer for organisations in the UK. (Full report is available in the downloads section below). 

Skill India Report Launch - Understanding the Market for Training and Certification on 17th November 2016 at 1600hrs at Gallery Suite 16, 17 and 18, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. 

By 2025 India will have the world's largest workforce. The Government of India has launched the world's biggest Skilling programme (which aims to skill 40.2million people by 2020) to ensure this workforce is ready for the world of work. However, it isn’t just a numbers game. Many young people in India are looking for high quality employment overseas or are aspiring to be employed in internationally focussed companies based in India. To get these jobs there is a growing market of young professionals needing to stand out in the crowded market place. Students and young professionals in India are therefore willing to invest in their own future. UK Training and Assessment is recognised around the world as a global benchmark in a wide range of sectors, including the critical regions like the GCC countries.

We were also joined by a small panel of representatives from India visiting the Skills Show who were available to ask questions and understand the role that events like the Skills Show and WorldSkills can play in raising our brand in India.