All students of myEnglish Workplace are required to follow these terms and conditions, which are issued by BC Examinations and English Services India Private Limited (“BCEESIPL”). BC Examinations and English Services India Private Limited is a subsidiary of the British Council UK, which is the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

  1. The student is presumed to have read, agreed and accepted these terms & conditions.
  2. The student hereby confirms that he/she is 18 years of age or more on the day of his/her consultation.
  3. The consultation is free of charge. The recommended level is valid for one year from the consultation date or for one year after satisfactory course completion, whichever is later.
  4. Places on courses are limited. Early applicants will receive priority during registration. The places are guaranteed once payment is received.
  5. If BCEESIPL cancels a lesson, it will make it up to the students by offering another lesson, unless this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances such as a security threat or a natural disaster. If a student misses a lesson for any reason, BCEESIPL will not compensate such student, in any form or manner, for the same.
  6. BCEESIPL reserves the right to expel a student (without any refund) if he/she intentionally damages or steals BCEESIPL property (digital), who is disruptive, is rude to or who harasses any course participant and/or staff member.
  7. The student confirms that she/he has access to internet on a computer (recommended internet connection speed of minimum of 0.5 Mbps), and computer headset (microphone and speakers) to enable her/him to do the course. The student is responsible for his/her equipment and software to enable him/her to do this course.
  8. The course logins, course materials and access to live online classes provided to the student will be for his/her use only. The student agrees to not distribute the same to others or reproduce any course material, in any form or manner.
  9. The student is expected to recheck her/his personal details for any mismatch in the booking confirmation. For any changes, the students can inform their teacher within two (2) weeks from the start of the course.
  10. The student will receive an e-certificate upon successful completion of the course. The student needs to inform BCEESIPL within one month of course completion, if she/he has not received this certificate. After one month from the date of completion of the course, BCEESIPL will not issue the aforementioned e-certificates. 
  11. Movements from one class to another will be allowed by BCEESIPL, only if places are available and before the start of both the courses. Additional fees may apply, at the sole discretion of BCEESIPL.
  12. BCEESIPL reserves the right to terminate or reschedule courses. In such case BCEESIPL will offer students either

a) an alternative course time at the same level; or

b) a refund; or

c) a credit for the following session (valid for a period of 180 days, from the date of such termination or rescheduling)

13. Written requests for credits or refunds This will be only considered under the following exceptional circumstances:

Reasons Documents required as proof (scan or photocopy of original can be considered)
Prolonged period of ill health certified by a doctor Doctor’s certificate 
New job appointment that prevents a student from attending his/her course Dated appointment letter
Death or onset of serious illness (prolonged hospitalisation or incapacitation) of an immediate family member (spouse, parents, siblings, children) Death certificate or medical certificate

No credits or refunds will be allowed for other reasons such as:

  • Travel
  • Marriage of self or family member
  • Foreign nationals leaving India

The following timelines are application for submission of such written request and supporting documents (as above). Deductions apply as stated against each point in the table below.

14. Refunds and credits are subject to the following deductions: 

Timeline Refund Credit / Movement to another course timing
Valid request received at least 72 hours before the course start date 90% of the course fees will be refunded to the student Free of charge
Valid request received within the 72-hour period preceding the course start date

75% of the course fees will be refunded to the student

10% course fee will be deducted as administrative charges; and the balance 90% will be provided as credit
Valid request received within 1 week of the course start date 50% of the course fees will be refunded to the student 25% course fee will be deducted as administrative charges; and the balance 75% will be provided as credit
Valid request received more than a week after the course start date No refund No credit

Credits must be used within 6 months from the date of receipt of the same. Credits cannot be converted into refunds later. Refunds will be given within 4 weeks of receipt and approval of supporting documents and the written request.


Through the course, BCEESIPL will track and give each student feedback on his/her progress in all areas of language learning. The student’s trainer will report his/her progress mid-way and at the end of the course. The student will be assessed on two main areas: participation and communication skills. The assessment criteria are given below:

  1. Actively participates in Live Online Classes
  2. Has attended at least 8 out of 12 hours of Live Online Classes
  3. Has completed at least 60% of online activities Has scored at least 60% in End of Module tests 
  1. Speaking - Fluency & Coherence: Can maintain flow of speech and connect ideas as expected at this level.
  2. Speaking - Pronunciation: Can use a range of pronunciation features for speech that is clear to the listener as expected at this level.
  3. Use of Vocabulary: Can use the range of vocabulary expected at this level with suitable accuracy.
  4. Use of Grammar: Can use the range of grammar expected at this level with suitable accuracy.


There are three possible grades: distinction, pass and fail.

FAIL any 1 out of 4 ‘below standard’ any 3 out of 4 ‘below standard’
PASS all 4 out of 4 ‘to standard’ any 2 out of 4 ‘to standard’
DISTINCTION any 3 out of 4 ‘above standard’ and 0 ‘below standard’. End of Module score 90% or above. any 3 out of 4 ‘above standard’ and 0 ‘below standard’

If a student meets or exceeds the pass criteria, the student will get a certificate at the end of the course.