We believe that children gain confidence by making new friends and trying different activities. Our annual Holiday Camp is a short, exciting course to ignite your child’s curiosity and make the end of the year a fun learning experience! Click here to sign up for a live webinar of our Young Learners Online courses.

Why should your child take this course? 

  • Learn English through stories, build on new vocabulary and grammar
  • build confidence and develop critical thinking with life skills for the future
  • get challenged in critical thinking and grow their creativity
  • be inspired by working with peers on a series of creative projects 
  • learn in a safe and enabling environment delivered by a team of dedicated, specially trained, experienced and passionate teachers 

Course learning outcomes

  • your child will make progress in learning to express themselves with confidence in English 
  • They will practice English through fun and interactive tasks and games. 
  • They will learn some practical skills to speak and write better. 
  • They will enhance their social skills while building knowledge of the world around them


Theme Class Dates Outcome Activities
Holiday Camp Batch 2
Themes: Imagine & Create 

10 January - 21 January

and 17 January - 31 January

Theme Imagine: New vocabulary and grammar, build confidence and develop critical thinking with life skills for the future.
Theme Create: Improve English grammar, spoken English and pronunciation
Theme Imagine: reading, storytelling, debates and presentation
Theme Create: hands-on art & craft, drama sessions and video making workshops

Each week comprises of  10 hours course duration divided into 5 hours of live online class through Zoom and 5 hours of self-access learning through Edmodo.