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Learn English with activities

This website contains a vast resource of audio, video, text materials and over 2,000 interactive exercises. Become a member and contribute to the site, interact with other users and also download free resources.

LearnEnglish website

Learn English with games

Learn English while having fun. Find games to help you practise your English or just have fun on our website. 

LearnEnglish website: Fun & Games

Learn English with audio and video

We have lots of audio and video materials for you to practice English. Take a look at podcast stories, an audio soap opera, a series of English language teaching TV programmes produced with the BBC and improve your English every day!

LearnEnglish website: Listen & Watch

Learn English for kids

LearnEnglish Kids is a fun, educational website for children aged 5–12 years. English vocabulary and grammar games, songs, stories, videos and a range of activities focus on developing children’s literacy skills. LearnEnglish Kids also offers teachers and parents hundreds of free printable resources. There is a support section for parents who want to help their children learn English outside of the classroom.

LearnEnglish Kids website

Learn English for teens

Are you a teenager learning English or are your teenage children studying English? Welcome to LearnEnglish Teens, a website designed especially for 13 to 17-year-olds. Teens can access a host of language practice activities, tips for exams and help with grammar and vocabulary, as well as fun activities, videos, games and puzzles.

LearnEnglish Teens website

Business English

If business English is where your heart is, we have the right resources to help you improve. Our website offers activities to help you develop better business English skills, So whether you are applying for international jobs or just want to improve your English for business purposes, we’ve got everything that you need. 

LearnEnglish website: Business & Work

Learn English with football

If you love football and are interested in learning English, Premier Skills English is just what you need. Improve your English by playing games, completing quizzes and keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the world of football. 

Premier Skills English website

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