Want to help your kids make the most of their time indoors? How about giving them the best-ever online learning experience in the comfort and safety of your home?

For children between the ages of 7 to 17 years, we have some exciting news! Summer School is back and is better, bigger and ONLINE! 

Designed by experts, Summer School 2020 activates your child’s learning through fun activities. This year our courses are based on science projects, Micro:bit® coding, theatre, crafts, physical activities and debates, with content adapted to each age group. Your child will make tangible progress, learning to express themselves with confidence in English and developing life skills that prepare them for the future. 

Why should your child take this course?

Our courses are unique, innovative and use a holistic approach to develop skills in children. Apart from learning English, we encourage other aspects of whole child development. We develop social, personal and emotional competences, as well as skills such as creativity, leadership, and critical thinking. These skills support their achievements at school.

Children enrolled in our Summer School will:

  • improve their English and 21st-century skills, and grow in confidence
  • get challenged in critical thinking and build their creativity
  • be inspired by working with peers on a series of creative projects
  • get specially trained teachers who engage through internationally tested methodologies that improve learning
  • experience five themes in five weeks – Imagine, Discover, Create, Invent and Move!

Themes and dates



CREATE – Hands-on art & craft, drama sessions and video making workshops focussing on using English to undertake creative projects while improving their pronunciation.

15-19 June | Closed

IMAGINE – Reading, storytelling, debates and presentations to introduce and acquire new vocabulary and grammar, build confidence and develop critical thinking and life skills for the future

8-12 June | Closed

DISCOVER – Scientific projects and experiments to spark curiosity and formulate ideas while developing team-work skills and learn grammar and vocabulary in a motivating context.

11-15 May | Closed

INVENT – As part of the educational initiative Micro:bit® sessions allow students to become mini-inventors and learn how to code and programme an online prototype as well as study and use technical language of block coding.

25-29 May | Closed

MOVE  – Yoga, dance and competitive online team gameshunt to improve agility and develop confidence in speaking English, along with their team-working skills and review learning.

01-05 June | Closed

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