With Primary Plus your child will learn English, and so much more. Through engaging classes and guided learning to do at home, our specialist teachers help your child progress further, develop confidence that goes beyond their language skills and set them up for a bright future.

Why learn with us?

  • Trusted teaching, proven results – our specialist teachers nurture a love for learning, that helps children to express themselves with confidence.
  • A  safe, and inclusive place to learn - with the highest level of child protection and safeguarding. We are trusted by parents and over 400,000 learners from across the world.
  • Real-world topics, real-world skills - stimulating materials and magazines featuring interesting real-world topics and fun characters are designed to spark children's imaginations, nurture their curiosity and keep them engaged.
  • Personalised learning and extended opportunities for practice - learning is customised and children will learn at their own pace. Extended opportunities for practice through offline activities help children master the English language
  • Learn more than English - your child will learn much more than English, they will develop skills such as social, creativity and critical thinking

Learning is a life-long process and our courses will help your child become independent learners, develop future life skills and a strong foundation in English learning.

Understand the detailed learning outcomes for ages, 7-8 years here and 9-10 years here.

With this course your child will:

  • Be able to speak confidently and express themselves clearly
  • Develop a love of reading and interest in a wide range of subjects
  • Become independent learners and develop skills for the future

Refer to our progression chart here to learn more about the skills and progression journey we have set out for your child. 


Learning Plan Number of Classes - once per week

Number of classes -  twice per week 

Course duration -  6 Weeks


12 hours of teacher-taught learning

12 hours of self-access learning

Course duration - 12 weeks

12 hours of teacher-taught learning

12 hours of self-access learning

24 hours of teacher-taught learning

24 hours of self-access learning

What will your child learn Children will be introduced to a variety of reading texts and speaking forms, they will develop confidence in speaking. Children will actively practise language, and begin to experiment with their communication.
Course fee INR 6000 INR 10800
Price per class INR 500 INR 450
All enrolled students will have access to our free English learning resources. Click here to sign up for a live webinar of our Young Learners Online courses.

Here is what the parent of one of our students had to say about our Primary Plus Online course:

“This is a well organised course with a light curriculum to keep the kids occupied. There is a lot of interaction and kids feel engaged.” Jaishankar, parent to Vedant Jaishankar

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Technical requirements- Primary Plus Online course can be accessed using a desktop computer or a laptop. We want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience. You may face login issues while accessing the course using a tablet, hence we suggest otherwise.

Please note: Registration will close 24 hours prior to course commencement. Any payments received later may be offered subsequent batches. Each time slot has limited seat availability. Registrations on first-come-first-served basis only. Classes will commence with minimum registrations to ensure an engaging learning experience. ln case of less registration, the CS team will contact you to agree on options. 

*Your child must be 7years/9 years old as on the first class date of the registered course.