Learning reimagined with inspiring, online English classes 

Primary Plus Online is aimed at sparking your child’s imagination, so they can express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their English language skills. 

Designed around the way children learn, this online course integrates all four skills that is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing along with language (grammar and vocabulary), real-life knowledge and 21st Century skills that are showcased through projects and tasks mirroring real-life language use in an online classroom. Our virtual lesson experience has proven to be effective in our English Language Centres across 70+ countries around the world. Inspiring, engaging, motivating.

Language learning is a continuous, dynamic, long term process, as with any skill development.  More opportunities to practice the language helps boost your child’s confidence in using the language in everyday life.

Here is what the parent of one of our students had to say about our Primary Plus Online course:

“This is a well organised course with light curriculum to keep the kids occupied. There is a lot of interaction and kids feel engaged.” Jaishankar, parent to Vedant Jaishankar

With this course, your child will:

  •  build confidence by speaking in English about familiar topics such as their surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood
  • express themselves through exciting activities and group projects – exploring subjects like the natural world, from under the sea to outer space
  • develop important life skills, which prepare them for their future beyond the classroom

This course is available in 6, 12 and 18 week learning plans to suit your child’s learning needs and convenience. Please find below details on what your child will learn with each plan. 

With our 6 week plan your child will:

  • Enhance their existing English foundations and start growing their confidence
  • Grow abilities to learn in an inclusive way through arousing interest and generating ideas on a project.
  • Develop independent study skills and find the joy of learning 
  • Establish basic listening, reading, writing and speaking skills

With our 12 week plan your child will:

  • Develop interest in a wide range of subjects through an introduction to a variety of reading text, speaking forms 
  • Be inspired by their learning, by expanding the range of skills needed to read accurately, comprehend, and assess what they hear, read, speak, and write.

With our 18 week plan your child will:

  • Learn at his pace to match individual potential 
  • Receive active practice of English skills through the design and collaboration on projects
  • Present with confidence in larger groups, by practicing in a range of in-class individual, pair and group learning tasks 
  • Develop the ability to express themselves with increasing accuracy and fluency


Course Highlights

At the centre of their own learning - At this life stage, we aim to ensure that your child reaches their full potential while remaining at the centre of their own learning. Through our course, we encourage independence and develop their skills while enhancing their linguistic capabilities in English.

Nurturing curiosity - Each week*, before the live class, your child will have one hour of interactive guided learning set by their teacher so that they come prepared to the live lesson. 

Learn together today for tomorrow’s world - In our immersive online classes, your child will enjoy connecting with their teacher and fellow classmates in smaller groups of up to ten students 

Whole child education - Apart from improving English, we develop social, personal and emotional competences, as well as skills such as creativity, leadership and critical thinking. These are learning strategies they will need throughout their lives.

A safe, supportive place to learn - We are trusted by parents the world over not only for our expertise in teaching English but for our high levels of child protection and safeguarding. We take this as seriously as you do.

Measurable sense of progress - The new, more flexible structure of the course offers more support between classes, so your child can continue learning English throughout the week 

You will participate in their learning - We involve parents through regular contact with the teacher and we offer online content so that you can continue enjoying English with them at home. Together you can track their progress, celebrate their successes and understand where they are within their learning journey.

Refer to our progression chart here to learn more about the skills and progression journey we have set out.


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Course Duration 6 Weeks 12 Weeks 18 Weeks
Number of learning hours 6 hours of teacher taught learning 12 hours of teacher taught learning 18 hours of teacher taught learning
6 hours of at-home learning 12 hours of at-home learning 18 hours of at-home learning
Free English Resources YES YES YES
Digital Library Resources NO 1-month free trial to online resources and activities 1-month free trial to online resources and activities
Digital Library Membership NO NO Available at a discounted rate
FEE INR 3000 INR 6000 INR 9000

Technical requirements- Primary Plus Online course can be accessed using a desktop computer or a laptop. We want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience. You may face login issues while accessing the course using a tablet, hence we suggest otherwise.

Please note: Registration will close 24 hours prior to course commencement. Any payments received later may be offered subsequent batches. Each time slot has limited seat availability. Registrations on first-come-first-served basis only. Classes will commence with minimum registrations to ensure an engaging learning experience. ln case of less registration, the CS team will contact you to agree on options. 

*Your child must be 7years/9 years old as on the first class date of the registered course.