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Give a boost to your child's dreams of studying abroad.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most widely recognised English proficiency test and accepted by universities worldwide.And as one of the co-creators of IELTS, no one is better positioned to help your child get the grades they need to get them on the next step of their educational journey.

IELTS Teens is a modular course that is ideal for young learners in the age group 15-17, who have study time to prepare extensively. It focuses in depth on all four skills (Writing Module, Reading Module, Speaking Module and Listening Module) with dedicated teacher taught classes for each skill. Each skill-based module includes test familiarisation, strategies and offers one mock test along with extensive independent study material on Edmodo, a digital platform.

Why learn with us?

We help you perform better in the IELTS exam by: 

  • Familiarising you with the test format
  • Introducing you to effective skills and strategies and providing extensive practise so you can perform to the optimum level 
  • Giving you tips on approaching different question types
  • Providing practice test under timed conditions
  • Giving targeted / personal feedback on areas to develop.

Course Overview and Price

Location: Delhi

Price: INR 11,100/-

Duration: 22.5 hours (15 classes)

Course dates: Week one of January 2023, February 2023, and March 2023 (mid-term registrations accepted).


Location: Chennai

Price: INR 11,100/-

Duration: 22.5 hours (15 classes)

Course dates: Week one of January 2023, February 2023, and March 2023 (mid-term registrations accepted).