Would you like your child to speak more fluently with confidence and improve their written English skills? Are you preparing for your undergraduate studies?

We offer a skills-based Upper Secondary course for young adults aged 15-17 years, using material specially created for learners in India.

The course is designed to help young adults improve their communication skills through real-life outcome tasks.

We encourage our learners to share their opinions, critically analyse the world around them and improve their language ability through the core syllabus tasks. Learning continues outside the classroom with regularly set homework and tips for independent self-study.

With this course you will:

  • Increase confidence in speaking English with more fluency in a range of situations and on a wide range of topics
  • Assist in improving pronunciation to speak more clearly and accurately through expert feedback from teachers and by using the phonemic chart
  • Develop writing of essays, articles and compositions by learning how to structure an argument and organise ideas more effectively
  • Encourage creativity through short story writing and poetry
  • Build communication skills through presentations, conversation activities and group discussions.

We see parents as partners and have created a Parent Engagement Plan to complement your child’s course.

You will receive regular feedback on your child’s progress. At each stage, we will assess their development in their language.

Course location and fees

New Delhi: 11,500

Chennai: 11,500

Kolkata: 8,500 (for regular 24 hours course) and 5,500 (for offsite 15 hours course)

Course timetables:


Level Days and timings Start and end date Location
Upper Secondary ( 15 - 17 Years ) Sat, Sun - 14:45-16:45 or 17:00-19:00 18 Jan 2020 - 29 Feb 2020 British Council, Chennai




Level Days and timings Start and end date Location
Upper Secondary - 15-17 years Sunday, 13.30-17.30 hrs  05 Jan - 16 Feb 2020 British Council, Kolkata
Sunday, 13:30-17:30  23 Feb - 29 Mar 2020
Sunday, 10.45-13.15 hrs 05 Jan - 16 Feb 2020 South City International School
Sunday, 09:00-13:00  23 Feb - 29 Mar 2020

New Delhi

Location: British Council, New Delhi

Age Timings Day Start and end date
15- 17 Years 1200-1500 Saturday 11 Jan - 7 Mar 2020
1200-1500 Sunday 12 Jan - 7 Mar 2020