About this course

myEnglish Workplace offers real-life, authentic scenarios to help you improve your language and skills for the workplace and develop the confidence to succeed. 

This online, interactive course is delivered by expert British Council teachers who specialise in online teaching. Combining online resources with live online classes, this course offers top quality learning and helps job seekers and professionals boost their career prospects.

Duration: 42 hours over six weeks

Fee: INR 9,500

Our methodology ensures a balance of live online classes and online activities to develop spoken communication skills, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for the world of work. 

Watch the myEnglish video and discover the course for yourself.

What you will learn

On a myEnglish Workplace course you will:

  • learn speaking, listening and reading skills.

  • learn spoken communication skills for workplace situations along with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

  • practice workplace and soft skills including group discussion, presentation skills, study skills and time management.

  • learn to communicate in English at work with fluency, accuracy and confidence.

  • learn interactively with your British Council teacher and classmates.

  • practise language through live online classes, developing your speaking skills and network with other professionals from diverse fields.

  • learn in your own time through online activities with feedback on the course website to improve your language skills.

  • learn to communicate effectively and confidently in a range of business situations from internal communication to dealing with clients.

  • develop other 21st century workplace skills such as interpersonal communication, time management, group discussions and digital skills.

  • receive individual feedback and guidance from your teacher to focus on your own development.

  • receive a British Council certificate on successful completion, recognised by employers across the world.

Course levels

Weekday courses

Course Start date End date Live online class day and time (IST)
Intermediate 1 Tuesday 22 October  Tuesday 3 December  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 pm to 10 pm.
Upper Intermediate 2  Wednesday 23 October  Wednesday 4 December  Wednesdays and Fridays, 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm