Jobseekers is a series of 90 animated videos to help you develop your English language abilities and skills related to employability. It has won the mbillionth South Asia 2014 award in the m-education category! 

Jobseekers follows four characters - Neha, Arun, Farah and Rohit, as they tackle job applications, interviews, and how to present themselves in the best possible light to potential employers. 

Each character seeks a job in a different sector – call centre, food and retail, hospitality and Bollywood. The language content is aimed at pre-intermediate level learners of English, however the input on employability skills will be relevant to everyone. 

Key Benefits

  • Learn useful vocabulary for the workplace
  • Discover how to write job applications and a CV
  • Develop your listening skills
  • Be successful at interviews
  • Enhance your pronunciation of English

How it works

  • Download Jobseekers application on to your computer
  • Install the application on your computer
  • Watch the free videos in unit 1 which includes 6 videos and an exercise
  • Buy the remaining 12 units with 84 videos for INR 600
  • Payment can be made online or though DD/Cheque
  • Download remaining 12 Unit/84 videos
  • Learn through the application and win the confidence to appear for interviews and jobs


  • The course comprises of 13 units with 7 videos each which makes it 90 videos in total
  • The last episode of each unit is a quiz. You will be asked questions to check what you have learnt from the unit
  • The content is in the form of short videos. This visual experience along with the clear audio and simple instructions supports learning at a range of levels


 INR 600 for the full course of 13 Units with 90 Episodes.