What is Spoken English?

Spoken English is an ESP (English for specific purposes) course that focuses on short-term and tangible outcomes, extensive speaking practice, strategies and techniques. This is a fully teacher-supported course that combines live online classes with activity-based learning. Whatever your English level,  this course has been expertly designed to improve your English communication skills and confidence for a wide range of situations. Each level has two modules, which focus on different skills such as presentation, interview, extempore, group discussion and conversation skills

Why choose this course? 

  • Expert teachers: each class is delivered by experienced British Council teachers who will give you individual feedback and guidance. 
  • Get certified: get a British Council e-certificate on successful completion of the course
  • Learn new skills: enhance your presentation, interview, extempore, group discussion and conversation skills through a variety of interesting topics
  • Live online classes: develop your real-life English skills and build confidence as you improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation when you join your teacher and classmates weekly
  • International recognition: based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), our courses ensure your English skills meet the global requirements.
  • Flexible learning options: select a course based on your learning need and complete a set of digital tasks each week at your own pace
  • Accelerate learning: get access to ample self-study material by your teacher and opportunities to practice extensive speaking during the live classes 


Course learning outcomes and structure

  • Class duration: each class will be for 90 minutes and the duration of the course will be either 22.5 hours or 45 hours depending on your learning needs. 
  • Course delivery: classes will be held LIVE on Zoom. In the live lessons you will receive immediate feedback from the teacher and get to take part in a variety of speaking activities.
  • Course assessments: There will be a mid-course and end-of-course assessment.

What will I learn?

Each level has two modules focusing on a wide range of topics and skills.

Module 1

Pre-Intermediate  Intermediate  Upper-Intermediate

This module focuses on building your skills in delivering structured presentations using signposting language. You will be introduced to techniques of speaking effectively using your voice and gestures in presentations.  You will have group discussion practise and skills development and be able to extend with uninterrupted speaking and gain confidence.  

Focussing on pronunciation features such as difficult sounds and word stress will help in clearer speech.  You will build on your vocabulary and conversation skills on a range of topics.  

You will learn how to structure and organise what you want to say when delivering a mini-presentation and sales pitch.  You will be guided as to what techniques will better help you to effectively participate in a group discussion e.g. giving your opinion, interrupting politely, and reaching an agreement. 

You will develop your pronunciation skills, learn more and practice the different features of pronunciation and the sounds of English. You will also learn vocabulary that is likely to come in handy in your everyday language use.

Fine-tune your presentation skills through developing skills in delivering a persuasive pitch and presenting a proposal.  Be able to expand your arguments in group discussions and hold the floor.  You will also become a more confident and fluent speaker through lots of conversation practice.

You will develop your pronunciation skills to focus on syllables, voice modulation techniques, expressing surprise and interest and sound more natural.  You will expand your vocabulary by being introduced to uncommon phrases, functional language, and expressions.  


Module 2

Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate

This module focuses on preparing you for interview success.  You will learn adjectives to describe your USPs, role-play a mock job interview and get feedback to improve.  You will deliver on the spot extempore and get extensive practise with various topics to build your confidence and fluency while speaking on the spot.

You will learn pronunciation features which will help in being clear and accurate. Your vocabulary improves as you will be introduced to relevant phrases, functional language, and expressions on a range of topics.

In this module you will be introduced to strategies to speak at length and develop conversations, telling anecdotes and being able to have small talk on various topics. In interview skills, you will be given information about the types of questions you are likely to be asked and advice on how to answer. Learning to debate, which is another component of the course, will help you develop excellent critical thinking skills.

Your pronunciation skills will improve by being able to differentiate similar sounds, use intonation to express emotions. 

Excel in your interview skills by effectively highlighting your abilities and attending a full mock interview to practice. You will learn how to deliver an impromptu speech with little or no planning time. You will be introduced to lots of techniques to help you speak spontaneously. You will develop conversation skills and talk on topics such as friendship, annoying habits etc.  

In addition, you will develop your pronunciation skills by focusing on using effective features of pronunciation. Your vocabulary range will improve through learning less common expressions and phrases.




Price and duration

Course Type Intensive Extensive
Number of learning hours (Option 1)

22.5 hours of live teacher taught online learning per module. 

3.75 weeks (1.5-hour class)

22.5 hours of live teacher taught online learning per module. 

7.5 weeks (1.5-hour class)

Price per module INR 8900 per module INR 8900 per module
Price per class INR 395 INR 395
Number of learning hours (Option 2)

45 hours of live teacher taught online learning - 2 modules.

7.5 weeks (1.5-hour class)

45 hours of live teacher taught online learning - 2 modules.

15 weeks (1.5-hour class)

Price both modules combined INR 17100 for both modules INR 17100 for both modules
Price per class INR 380 INR 380

How do I sign up for a course?

Before signing up for your course, please remember: Spoken English is for those who are 18 years of age or above

  • Step 1 Click on Register Now
  • Step 2 Fill up the registration form and select the batch details from the drop-down options available. 
  • Step 3 Proceed to check out and make the payment. You will receive a payment acknowledgment on your registered email id.


Class timings

Intensive: You can choose between four classes per week for 1.5 hours to be completed in 3.75 weeks or 7.5 weeks 

Extensive: You can choose between two classes per week for 1.5 hours to be completed in 7.5 weeks or 15 weeks 


To see the exact time options available, please click on ‘register now’


About our teachers

Our teaching team comprises a diverse and varied group of English speakers, who have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop the language communication skills and learning strategies of our learners. All British Council teachers and trainers are fully proficient in English. In addition to a first degree, they all hold international English language teaching and online teaching qualifications, as well as additional qualifications such as Master's degrees, DELTA and CELTYL.

We have been helping students around the world for over 80 years. Our teachers receive continuous professional development on employing the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and technologies for teaching modern, real-life English. 

When you learn with the British Council, you are learning with the English experts you can trust.