General English courses aim to improve the overall English level of participants in an interactive and communicative environment. Each course helps develop the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is accompanied by regular grammar input, vocabulary building, and pronunciation activities.

The courses are based on communicative methodology, and each lesson is focused on improving both fluency as well as language accuracy. Learning is supported by an international course book, dealing with topics related to real life and learners’ current language needs. As learners make progress on the course, this is tracked through mid-course and end of course assessments with feedback from the teacher.

General English (GE) Courses are characterised by:

  • an integrated focus on skills as well as language systems development
  • high quality materials reflecting modern teaching methods
  • high level of interaction and practice in real-life contexts, with plenty of opportunities for speaking

The aim of completing a General English course is that it will improve the course participant’s current level of English, recognized by the Common European Framework (CEF).