The British Council offers a range of scalable and flexible solutions to help aspiring and working professionals grow in their career, making us the ideal training organisation for your employees.   

Choose from short, intensive workshops and longer courses that provide participants with job-specific language and workplace skills, delivered by expert British Council teachers who specialise in teaching business English skills. Our courses can be delivered online or face-to-face. The flexibility of online learning meets the impact of classroom delivery in our cutting-edge learning products.  

Courses for the workplace  

Help your employees master the language of success. Our myEnglish Workplace course offers real-life, authentic scenarios to help them improve their language and skills and develop the confidence to succeed at work.  

This online, interactive course is delivered by expert British Council teachers who specialise in online teaching. Combining online resources with live online classes, this course offers top quality learning and helps job seekers and professionals boost their career prospects.  

Our courses can be delivered in a blend of online and face-to-face. You can also choose a self-paced, independent learning path for your employees.    

Business communication skills 

Encourage professional development and target specific communication needs for your employees. Presentation Skills, Email Writing and Managing Meetings are just a few of the short workshops we offer. Choose the skills you most want employees to develop and the most convenient method of delivery; online or onsite.  

Soft skills workshops  

These short workshops help employees hone their skills in areas like Intercultural Fluency, Delivering Service Excellence, Networking & Relationship Building and Time Management. Our tried-and-tested learning models are scalable and flexible, accommodating your organisation’s training needs and can be delivered online or face to face.