Transform Your Life With The World’s English Experts

Are you 18 years and above and considering learning English to fast track your career development, pursuing a profession of choice or simply learning this language for life? British Council offers just the right mix of courses you need to get ahead in life.

Upgrade your skills with the following British Council courses:

  • English – Improves your overall language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Spoken English – Refines your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills for more effective communication
  • Business Communication Skills – Develops your email writing, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Introduction to Creative Writing – Helps you improve your writing style and enhance creativity
  • Cambridge CELTA – An internationally recognised qualification to start and upgrade your career as an English teacher


Register Today and Get Rewarded!
Enroll for an English learning course within one (01) month of taking the Level Check test with the British Council and we will waive off your level check fee. 
Offer valid Wednesday, 20 June 2018 onwards. Call us, walk in or drop your details here to know more.

Why take a Level Check test?
A Level Check before registration ensures you are correctly placed in a course as per your level of knowledge of English. 

For more details, get in touch with us on 0120-4569000 / 0120-6684353 (Mon-Sat, 09.00 to 18.00).