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Around the world English language competency has become a crucial skill for the workplace.

Companies adopt international best practices and business standards, and deal with international clients on a daily basis.

A good command of English can make all the difference for your students during campus placements and job interviews.

A 2013 report by Aspiring Minds, India’s ‘leading employability solutions company’, concluded that 47 per cent of graduates were not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy because of their poor English language and cognitive skills.

Using its strength in English teaching, curriculum development and assessment, the British Council responded to this global demand by developing a modern flexible and high quality assessment tool: Aptis.

How is Aptis uniquely placed to accurately assess the English language skills of students in your institution?

  • Aptis is a flexible, fair and authoritative test which allows you to reliably assess your students, providing an accurate assessment of their English ability.
  • Aptis assesses English language proficiency by testing your students' understanding of the language as a whole, as well as whether they are able to use the language effectively in real life situations.
  • Aptis can assess reading, writing, speaking and listening skills – you can choose to test one skill only or a combination of skills.
  • Aptis can be delivered in multiple formats, anytime, anywhere, with a quick turnaround in results.
  • Your institution can partner with us to co-brand your Aptis test.
  • Aptis tests are analysed by British Council English experts.
  • Performance is internationally benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages and this makes it easy to see where improvement is needed, allowing English courses or training to be tailored accordingly.
  • You will receive individual and group reports detailing achievements in each skill tested.
  • The British Council’s English language testing and learning solutions can be integrated as a pre- and post-assessment tool into your college or university’s development programme - whether face-to-face teaching, e-learning or as a blended training/teaching solution.

'With the help of the Aptis tool, we have been able to quantify the strengths and weaknesses of the English language skills of our employees. Because of this innovative tool we have been able to do so quickly at an affordable price with the highest quality of linguistic assessment available. We also found the specially designed content of Aptis to be very beneficial, as it is targeting specific organisational needs and agenda.'
Nadia Naz, CARE International Head of HR 

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