Benchmark English language standards in your organisation

Recruiting and training the right talent is a challenge for many companies.

The British Council works with companies across industries to transform their employees. Our assessments can be adapted to assess new recruits, midlevel managers, and senior executives. Our training solutions build confidence, intercultural fluency, soft skills and communication ability.  

Aptis is our modern approach to English language testing that is both reliable and flexible. Aptis assesses all four skills of the English language - reading, listening, writing, and speaking - of an individual. With Aptis, you have complete control over the time, place and language skills that are tested. As an assessment tool, Aptis can be combined with our training programs to help you make better-informed decisions about recruitment, workforce development and maximise the return on investment of training programs

  • Aptis provides reliable, accurate results of the English language skills of employees in your organisation
  • It is easy to use, can be integrated into the existing HR systems and managed locally, at a location and time of your choice
  • Take advantage of the various skill ‘packages’ and assess people quickly and affordably with the flexibility to test the skills that are most relevant to your organisation
  • Get results fast

Communication skills training

Business English Courses: Whether you would like your staff to improve their communication skills in meetings, presentations, teleconferences, business writing or other areas, our business communication courses develop new skills to ensure that there is a clear impact on your business.

Digital and blended learning solutions: Our highly interactive online blended courses combine the advantages of online learning with the guidance and support of the British Council teacher.

Business Communication Skills Workshops: Our workshops are short, intensive capsules of information suitable for entry level and mid-level employees. Our workshops include Presentation Skills, International English, Email writing and upcoming workshops on Intercultural Fluency skills.

Train-the-trainer programmes: For organisations that wish to build internal capacity and capability, this hands-on course provides trainers, managers, supervisors and HR staff with invaluable facilitation techniques used by top training professionals.

For a free consultation with us and to discover how we can help your organisation’s training and assessment needs, please leave your contact details by filling the online form on this page. 

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