Welcome to the Teacher Connect competition 2023! 

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Teacher Connect competition. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in your professional development and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. 

English Connects | British Council is an initiative to bring English teachers and teacher educators together in a vibrant and active online community to develop their professional practice. The ‘Teacher Connect competition’ is part of our endeavour to make online teacher professional development more accessible and inclusive for teachers. 

What’s more? We’re giving away exciting prizes to the top 25 winners! 

  1. Five teachers to get an opportunity to attend an internationally recognised, certified online English Language Teaching (ELT) course. 
  2. 10 teachers will be sponsored to attend an ELT conference in India in February 2024. 
  3. 10 teachers to receive a one-year membership to the British Council digital library which hosts a wealth of books and resources across a wide genre. 


Participation criteria

 Before you participate, please go through the criteria below:  

  1. You must be a resident of India and working in a school in India when applying. 
  2. You must be an English language teacher teaching the primary, secondary or tertiary sector.

In addition to this, 

If you have not done the above yet, you can do it now and participate in the competition!


How can you participate?

To participate follow the five steps below:  

  1. Watch one of the Teacher Connect workshops/webinars from our playlist here (2) Teacher connect webinars - YouTube.
  2. Choose an idea or technique from the workshop/webinar you watch.
  3. Develop a lesson idea based on the idea/technique you choose.
  4. Complete a short quiz by clicking on the 'Participate here' tab at the end of the page.
  5. Submit your quiz and lesson idea by 30 November 2023 (23:59 IST).

Guidelines for submission

  1. All quiz questions should be answered.
  2. Your lesson idea must not exceed 350 words.
  3. Ensure your lesson idea has a clear connect to one of the workshops/webinars on the YouTube playlist.
  4. Ensure there is a clear rationale of the reason for the choice of idea/technique. It could be an idea/technique that you could use with your students or any learning for your own professional development. 
  5. Using your key learning point, create a lesson idea, not exceeding 350 words. 
  6. Use simple, easy to understand and concise language.
  7. Submit your entries only through MS Forms using the link provided. No entries will be accepted over email.
  8. Each participant is allowed only one entry.

About the lesson idea

  1. Add a clear background of your teaching context.
  2. State the idea you've identified from webinar/workshop recording, also state why you chose this idea.
  3. Describe how you used (or plan to use) the idea with your students.
  4. State at least one tip for other teachers to use this idea in their context. 

How will your entries be assessed?

  1. All submissions will be assessed and graded by our jury based on the assessment criteria outlined below: 

    ·       All correct responses to quiz questions – 50%

    ·       Lesson idea submission – 50%

  2.       The decision of the jury will be final.

Key dates and timelines

  1. Deadline for submission of entries – 30 November 2023 
  2. Selection and announcement – 15 December 2023 
  3. Only successful participants will be notified over an email from TeachEnglish.India@britishcouncil.org

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